Unique miniature Water Towers
Handmade Pottery for sale or to order.

Pottery by Christen

Artist Statement image
​​​​I have been an Art Teacher and Ceramic Sculptor for the last 35 years. My sculptural work was based on the historical and cultural status of women in world societies. In 2017, I retired from teaching and my husband and I moved to Slater-Marietta, South Carolina.   My goals have transitioned into creating iconic Water Towers so familiar to Greenville, SC and making lovely functional pottery that allows people to enjoy sharing it with others.   I hope you find the visual journey through my work delightful and refreshing. My website is in construction phase, so if you are interested in buying any of my pieces, please contact me through my email and we can process the sale through PayPal invoicing and free usps shipping.

  • Marietta, South Carolina, United States
  • 613 Riverstead Dr, Marietta SC 29661

At this time, sales are done through emails and PayPal invoices. Shipping is included in my pricing.